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  • A Weekend in Budapest: Vegan Food

    A Weekend in Budapest: Vegan Food
  • A Weekend In Budapest

    A Weekend In Budapest
  • Volunteering at Jacobs Ridge

    Volunteering at Jacobs Ridge
  • A Weekend in Liverpool

    A Weekend in Liverpool

Why you must visit Berlin

Call me biased but Berlin is one of my favourite cities. Well, I wouldn’t have chosen to live there for two months if it wasn’t. There’s amazing food, world famous museums, street art on every…

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The best vegan, laptop friendly coffee shops in Berlin

Having no WiFi for a month has meant that I’ve been to a lot of coffee shops in Berlin. A LOT. And my list of criteria for a good coffee shop is pretty simple; plant…

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Alternative Berlin: Teufelsberg

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have realised that there are a lot of Berlin posts right now. I’m undertaking a travel writing internship at CTR, meaning that I’m living and working in…

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Alternative Berlin: Mauerpark

Imagine a place where anything goes. At Mauerpark on Sundays there are so many mad events happening simultaneously that the unusual becomes rather blasé. We saw break-dancers, a man  in a monkey mask playing techno (well…

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The Interrailing Diaries: A Weekend in Belgrade

The least ‘touristy’ of the places we visited, Belgrade is still repairing itself from the 90’s Yugoslav wars. Talking to people our own age about war stories and atrocities was one of the most interesting…

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