Getting a Rescue Dog from Wags N’ Wet Noses – My Experience

Exactly a month ago today, I was stood in a McDonald’s car park waiting for a van to appear. A van which held our new dog, a Pulin crossbreed who we named Forest. We had been waiting for almost two months for her to arrive in the UK, and we couldn’t wait.

We adopted Forest from Wags n Wet Noses, who are based in Hungary. We chose to adopt her from here as we know someone who got a dog from them a few months before us and only had positive things to say. We also struggled to get a rescue dog from the UK as we have two cats, and most UK shelters won’t give you a dog unless they had previously lived with cats, or are a puppy. We made the decision that despite not cat tested, Forest’s breed should be okay with cats and we would introduce them carefully.

The first day we got her!

We chose her from the photos on the Facebook page, then expressed interest and filled in the adoption form. They ask the standard questions – do you work from home, a secure garden, any other pets etc. We were then added to a group chat on 20th September, with some of the adoption team. They asked for videos of the downstairs and garden, seeing as they couldn’t do an in-person check. They also asked for two forms of ID. On 23rd September we were approved for adoption, having had the opportunity to ask loads of questions about her breed, temperament and history.

At the end of October, we paid her £350 transport fee. This of course covers her transport to the UK. She had also been spayed and had all the necessary vaccinations and health checks, including the 4D test.

We were given an estimated arrival date of 18th or 19th November, depending on where the van had to stop in the UK. Drops start from about midday and go on until about 10pm then restart the following day. We were added to a transport group on 16th November and given the rota on the 17th. Our Sheffield drop was planned for 9.30pm, the final stop, but we decided to drive a bit further to get her a couple of hours earlier. The rota was sent many times the day before and on the day, to make sure everyone would get to the right place at the right time. It was so exciting watching the earlier people receive their dogs and send photos to the chat.

We arrived at our designated spot and when the van drew up, we went over and were handed our dog, her paperwork and her passport. She was very confused and scared, but also very healthy and so cute. I imagine the people parked up eating their Big Macs were surprised to see dogs being handed out of a van!

We got her into the car easily and she hid her head behind the car sling, very scared but calm. We got her home and she had a sniff round then sat on the sofa. She wanted to fall asleep but was too nervous to, so her head and eyes kept drooping in the cutest way. We also fed her some chicken and hot buttered toast (she refused to eat brown rice) and she drank a lot of water.

I will be doing a post soon to update on her first month, but for now I can say that she is the sweetest little dog. She matched her description perfectly, and she has settled in very well. I can’t fault the team at Wags N’ Wet Noses, they answered every question we had and have continued to help to this day!

Have you adopted a rescue dog or are you thinking about it? Let me know in the comments! She also has an Instagram if you want to follow her journey!

Hazel x


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  1. December 18, 2020 / 10:49 pm

    This makes me so happy! I’m glad Forest has found a happy new home with you 🙂

    • December 19, 2020 / 8:31 am

      Thank you! We are so happy with her ❤️