My Cornwall Road Trip – Days 7 to 10

This is the final part of my Cornwall road trip series – if you missed them, you can find part one here and part two here. This part includes Newquay, Porthcurno Beach, Bude and an Airbnb yurt!

Day 7 – Porthcurno Beach and a stay in a yurt

On day 7 we packed up and left Wee World, which felt very sad. We decided to spend the day at Porthcurno, one of my favourite beaches in Cornwall. The day started out badly – we did get a parking space but then had to scrounge around the car park asking people for change for a note because the machine only accepts coins (who has £6.50 in coins?). Finally, we found someone to take pity on us and managed to pay and head to the beach.

The beautiful Porthcurno Beach

As usual, we went for a swim which was gorgeous. Strangely, there was a really high tide – about two metres from the shore I was entirely out of my depth, by a good few meters. At low tide, you can sometimes walk from Porthcurno round to other beaches that are usually hidden, and I remember once as a child managing to walk to another three beaches which were amazing. Sadly not the case this time!

Quite busy, but enough space to distance

We stayed until 4pm and then got back in the car to drive to Newquay, where our Airbnb Yurt was! Unlike Scotland, we found it much harder to book cool camping pods/yurts/B&B’s for one night in Cornwall – most wanted an entire weeks stay which was way out of our budget. We got off to a strange start with the Yurt, as we could not contact/find the owners anywhere. After ringing them a few times (one phone on the advert was disconnected!) with no answer we decided to go to the nearby Morrisons and get snacks. Cheered up with a pack of raspberry doughnuts, we went back and finally managed to contact them. We were lead to our Yurt, which was really cute but as the doors had been left open all day to air it, it was full of flies which had to be removed with fly spray. I think the idea of a fly net had eluded them. The composting toilets were horrible – basically tiny sheds made at such an angle the door didn’t shut properly. They also had portaloos which were fine. The firewood we were given was wet and mouldy hence we couldn’t light it. In general, it was nice but definitely not glamping and I don’t think it was worth the money.

The yurts at sunset

Day 8 – Newquay -> Bude

I’ve been to Cornwall a lot of times but never visited Newquay, so we decided to spend a full day there. We found a really cute health food shop called Sprout, which had a gorgeous outdoor seating area. They have a huge selection of vegan, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free cakes, and also do a one-pot meal every day that’s gluten and dairy-free. We had a peanut slice and black forest gateaux cake which were really good if surprisingly filling.

Delicious vegan cakes from Sprout

We then had a wander around the beaches and walked on the coast path to Fistral Beach.

Overlooking the harbour

We also saw the house perched on its own island above Towan Beach, with a private suspension bridge. Apparently it’s a holiday cottage and looks absolutely gorgeous.

The house on its own island!

The coastal path

As it was mid-afternoon by this point, we decided to sit outside Rick Stein’s and order some chips and mushy peas. It was a bit of a faff as you had to order on the app and we both really struggled to get 4G sat there, but we managed in the end. The chips were delicious so all worth it! It was also gorgeous looking over Fistral Beach, and quite windy so the sea looked dramatic.

Fistral beach

We then wandered back along the coastal path into the town centre for ice cream! We didn’t really go shopping because it was too busy.

Some amazing mint choc chip and salted caramel ice cream

Late afternoon, it was time to head to our next campsite, Cerenity Eco Campsite in Bude. I have visited this campsite once before and really liked it. Sadly this year the animals were not around to play with/stroke (when I last visited they had two alpacas, a miniature pony and a dog!). Once we got the tent up, it was time to go for a walk to the coast. There’s a very wild beach on the coastal path around a 10-minute walk away, which made for a lovely evening walk except for the fact it was ridiculously windy and raining very heavily. We looked over the coast but decided not to climb down to the beach due to the weather – we wanted to get back and dry off! We did manage to have a fire, but it was very smoky as the wood was getting wet whilst it burnt.

Driving the ‘scenic way’ into Bude is definitely recommended!

Our attempt at a fire in the wind!

Day 9 – Bude

One of our reasons for choosing the campsite is its proximity to Bude and the fact you can walk down the beautiful canal path to get there!

The canal path to Bude

It is about a mile each way, with gorgeous scenery and at this time of year a lot of (quite large) ducklings which are very cute. We passed very few people as well. As we walked along the path, we saw loads of people in car-shaped pedalos and decided we had to hire one too. We only hired it for half an hour but it was surprisingly tiring. One of the best things we did all holiday! My favourite part was going under the low bridge, which we could just fit under if we ducked.

The view from the pedalo – luckily it got sunnier just after this!

The very low bridge!

In Bude, we had a wander on Summerleaze Beach and then got straight in the sea pool! It was actually quite quiet in the deep/adult end, despite the weather being okay, and the water was absolutely freezing. The kid’s/shallow area of the pool was quite packed though and I wouldn’t say many people were distancing. The lifeguards had actually stopped people swimming in the sea by this point because the wind was too strong. We swam a few lengths and then got out and went in search of some lunch!

Bude sea pool from above

Summerleaze Beach, Bude

I was pleasantly surprised by Life’s A Beach, the restaurant on the beach. They had quite a few vegan options and a decent amount of outdoor seating, with QR code menus and the ability to order online. I had a jackfruit burger and chilli cheese fries – both delicious.

My delicious jackfruit burger from Life’s A Beach

After this, I was craving a coffee so we got some takeaway flat whites, nipped to the big Sainsbury’s for snacks (Fry’s chocolate creams are just a camping must-have) and then wandered around a few shops. There are a lot of shops which sell cute gifts. Hungry again, we stopped at The Bakery to get some vegan pasties (also have vegan sausage rolls!) and some ice cream from Taste Of Cornwall. We also went back to the arts and crafts shops by the canal and bought two prints to hang in our house!

More ice cream – this time rum and raisin and salted caramel

In the afternoon we walked home and decided to get a fire going before the rain started again! This was during Storm Francis, and the wind was around 50mph. Somehow, we couldn’t feel this in our tent at all – we were lucky to get such a sheltered spot. It did make the fire very hard to light though!

Day 10 – Bude -> Sheffield

Home time! It took around 9 hours to get home, and all we had the energy to do was get a takeaway and relax. There had been a few crashes etc on the motorway and that meant that all the service stations were absolutely heaving with people and actually really unpleasant. No distancing at all. I did get a costa cheese and ham toastie and a cookie though, both of which were much needed.

And that is the end of my Cornwall road trip! I hope you enjoyed it, and please check out the other parts if you haven’t already.

Hazel x


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  1. September 23, 2020 / 8:55 pm

    Oooh I love Cornwall! I live in Somerset so it’s much easier for me to just pop down for the weekend. I love porthcurno beach 💖

    • September 24, 2020 / 3:38 pm

      I’m so jealous! It’s such a long journey for me. It’s one of my favourites x

  2. September 29, 2020 / 2:32 pm

    Wow……those ice creams and vegan cakes look so delicious. Love all the pictures, Hazel.