My Cornwall Road Trip: Days 5 & 6

Continuing on from my post about days 1-4 (here if you missed it). This part contains St Ives, Praa Sands, Lands End and loads more. And a lot of vegan food!

Day 5 – Sennen Cove, Lands End, Priest Cove and St Ives

Day 5 of our road trip was forecast drizzle all day, so we decided to take the south west coastal path from Sennen Cove to Lands End, a walk I’ve done loads of time which is really pretty and about 3 miles.

The view towards Lands End on the costal path

This is an interesting walk because you can see the remnants of the shipwreck of RMS Mulheim. The first time I saw it, probably in 2003, we climbed down to it and the entire boat was still there. People were even walking on the deck. All you can see now are huge, rusted and mangled pieces of steel, and people are strongly advised not to climb down (though I think a lot probably still do!).

All that remains of the shipwreck!

Sennen is a gorgeous, huge sandy beach which is really popular with families – I went there all the time as a child. Lands End I personally find quite tacky and too touristy but it is a good (if expensive) place to get food on the walk.

On the way back to the campsite, we headed to Priest Cove (in Cape Cornwall) to look at the sea pool. Unfortunately, the tide was in so it wasn’t really visible. It’s quite small but very popular with kids, and due to the amount of fish/crabs/shrimp I used to love rock pooling in it. The beach is rocky with a working slipway – there was quite a crowd around a man who’d just returned from sea-fishing in his kayak. The cafe in the car park also sells a delicious oat milk flat white!

Even though the weather was quite grey, the water in the pools was crystal clear and it was still great fun to scramble over the boulders and get quite far from the shore. It was especially tranquil to just sit on the rock with our feet in the water, a lovely peaceful end to quite a busy afternoon.

Priest Cove

In the evening, we drove into St Ives as we’d reserved a table at Hub, which is right on the harbour front so has incredible views. We were lucky to get the reservation the night before – I think we must have got it just as someone else cancelled because it’s really popular. People were being turned away the entire time we were there!

Excited for my food at Hub St Ives

The vegan ‘All Star Plant’ burgers were really nice, as were the chilli cheese fries. The portion was a bit small though, for £7.50 – we had assumed it was sharing size, but sadly not, so we ended up ordering a plain portion of fries too.

The delicious burgers and chilli fries at Hub St Ives

The cocktails/mocktails were delicious, we started with a raspberry collins and a raspberry lemonade. We ended up getting a vegan vanilla ice cream from one of the shops on the front and enjoyed it overlooking the sea after – a really nice day altogether!

A cocktail, a mocktail and a gorgeous harbour view

Day 6 – St Ives and Praa Sands

On day 6 we went back to St Ives to do some shopping and have more amazing food! We walked down Fore Street and looked in all the shops. I ended up buying some fudge from Roly’s Fudge Pantry who have three vegan flavours: Salted Maple & Pecan Fudge, Maple & Cashew Fudge and Chocolate Orange.

Enjoying our fudge on the beach

I also got some cute postcards and a keyring from Poppy Treffy, a St Eval candle for my mum and this french pear candle from Cornwall Soapbox for myself because it smells incredible. Finally, we bought some gin miniatures to try – including Tinkture Rose Gin which is painfully expensive but gorgeous. I also need to find a use for this gorgeous bottle, so let me know if you have any ideas!

Tinkture Rose gin

We visited Scoff Troff Cafe for lunch and I had the Moving Mountains hotdog, which was ginormous and wrapped in a very generous amount of cheese. It looks a bit plain but was absolutely delicious. I also got to sample the burger which was equally nice. We also sampled the deep fried avocado bites, which were surprising but absolutely delicious.

Scoff Troff Cafe – look at that hotdog!

We went to Moomaid of Zennor for dessert, as their sorbets are incredible (and I don’t even usually like sorbet that much!). We sat and ate it on the beach, watching people duck and stare in horror as seagulls swooped from nowhere and tried to steal their food.

Dark chocolate and raspberry sorbet from Moomaid of Zennor

In the afternoon, we decided to head away from the crowds and have a wander on the beaches, including a sit and read on Porthgwidden beach (my favourite!) before it started raining. The shops were incredible at enforcing social distancing in St Ives, with only a few people allowed in at a time, but it was hard to distance on the streets due to the number of people around.

Porthminster Beach, St Ives

In the evening we decided to have another barbecue, this time on Praa Sands beach. Again, we had a swim which was really nice – the waves were huge so really fun to jump through. We didn’t really think how similar the barbecue was to my lunch when we were buying the food, so it was a very bread, sausage and cheese-filled day! Not a bad thing.

Praa Sands

This was our final evening at Wee World Campsite, which I came to really like and I would definitely stay there again. Even if there were some very feral children staying there; a beautiful springer spaniel was staying in the camping pod next to our tent, which one boy had become obsessed with and he was calling for it at around 6 am – not ideal. Another child hit my boyfriend with a very long and luckily thin tree branch which was quite surprising as we were walking back from the toilets in the dark. All part of the fun of camping! It was really sweet seeing the pigs every day too – I said good morning to them and they’d all run over which was very cute. After my stay at Jacobs Ridge, I’ve really come to like pigs and see how mischievous they are!

The very friendly campsite pigs

Another gin we tried – also delicious!

I hope you enjoyed part 2 – part 3 coming soon!

Hazel x


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