My Favourite Vegan Perfume Dupes

Something I didn’t realise before going vegan was that most major fragrance companies are not cruelty-free, and hence not vegan. There is also widespread use of animal ingredients in perfume. I knew to avoid fragrances made with extracts of things such as milk, honey, leather and beeswax, but many also contain secretions from animals used to mark their territories, which are often used to make a scent last longer. Civet musk is still present in many of the most popular perfumes, which is a horrible process and not something I would ever want to fund – please look it up. The problem is, you wouldn’t necessarily know these ingredients are in perfumes, because companies are not legally obliged to disclose the ingredients used. Instead, you’ll simply see fragrance or perfume/parfum on the ingredients list. So I have listed a couple of my favourite alternatives, which are cheaper and smell just as good!

Eden Perfumes are certified by The Vegan Society, and smell identical to the classics, minus the parabens, preservatives and animal-derived ingredients, which are replaced with natural essential oils. Owned by a vegan family from Brighton, their low prices are down to the fact the company spend less on packaging and marketing to focus on the quality and intensity of the perfume itself. I actually really like the shape and look of the bottles; they’re simple, stylish and, best of all, refillable, so they’re environmentally friendly too. I have 309 – Daisy which many people have identified when I was wearing it – and were very surprised when I said it was a dupe! There’s no better recommendation than that. This is £18 for 30ml or £24 or 50ml (a saving of £35!)

(Gifted) I was offered the chance to try some testers of some perfume dupes by Scentsational Smell, who are based in Sheffield. Their perfumes really do smell identical to the perfumes they’re meant to, and last a long time on your skin too! These are even more competitively priced, with a possible £100.50 saving on 807. I tried:

Priced at £15:

05 – Gucci Rush (RRP £45)

173 – Hypnotic Poison – Christian Dior (My personal favourite!) (RRP 49.50)

180 – Armarni Diamond (RRP £43)

413 – La vie est belle – Lancome (RRP £55)

Priced at £24.50:

366 – Black Opium – YSL (RRP £54)

807 – Creed Spring Flower (RRP £125)

*RRP from, except 807 which is from

These are so much cheaper than the originals and despite the packaging being much simpler, I think they’re definitely worth it! The testers I tried were all vegan, but not all of their perfumes are, so double check before buying.

Have you tried any of these dupes? What are your favourites? Let me know in the comments!

Hazel x


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