A weekend in the Lake District

Despite everything that’s been going on lately, reading about and planning holidays is my form of escapism. So I have decided to post as I normally would, and will be incorporating some more lifestyle and book-related blog posts for the next few weeks, once all my travel posts are up!

Sat on Jenkins Crag, overlooking Lake Windermere

For Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend and I decided we wanted to go walking in the Lake District. Unfortunately, storm Ciara/Dennis were also happening around this time, so some days we had horrific weather, but it was fun nonetheless. 

Where we stayed

We decided on this Airbnb near the Lake District, in the village of Heversham. We wanted a cute cottage in a quiet location, and it fitted the bill perfectly. It sleeps 4 so there was a lot of room for the two of us, was super clean and even came with tea, coffee, biscuits, milk etc so felt homely straight away. I would definitely recommend staying here. If you’ve never stayed in an Airbnb before, you can use this link for £34 off your first stay! 

The Area

We chose the Airbnb due to it’s proximity to the lakes without the price tag! Saying this, the area we stayed in was very nice, quiet and also I got to go to a Booths supermarket for the first time (anyone else get weirdly excited about new supermarkets? Even though it does look weirdly identical to Waitrose).

It is worth noting that the local pub, The Heversham Hotel, was very strange. It was a shame because we wanted to be able to walk to the pub in the evenings and both have a drink, and only this one was within walking distance. It was a Samuel Smiths Pub, which only sold their beer and unbranded spirits, took cash (nearest cash machine a mile or so away!), didn’t allow electronics, and had a generally very hushed, strange atmosphere. The cider I had was very nice though, and it is very nicely furnished. 

On Saturday, it was absolutely horrific weather – high winds, rain and hail, so we thought we may as well check out the coast near Arnside. The sand was, unfortunately, more like a mud/quicksand combination, but we did have a long walk along the estuary anyway on said sand (probably not advised?) and some delicious chips.

Maybe wouldn’t recommend this walk…

The Walks

We both enjoy walking, and of course, the Lake District is perfect for this. Though we went on quite a few walks over the weekend, my favourite was this circular walk, Ambleside to Troutbeck and back via Wansfell. 

The walk started in Ambleside and quickly rose through woodland to Jenkins Crag, which was a beautiful viewpoint over Lake Windermere. It took us less than an hour to get to the crag, mostly uphill, and I’d definitely recommend that part alone as a short walk and an amazing place to eat lunch!

The view from Jenkins Crag

The next stop was Troutbeck, which has a very cute cafe/gift shop. We never did find the post office we were meant to look out for though…

From Troutbeck it was a pretty steep climb up to Wansfell Pike. The views at the top were spectacular, though as we did this in the midst of Storm Dennis the wind at the top was stronger then I’ve ever experienced before. It was honestly hard to even stand at the top. 

The view from Wansfell Pike over Windermere

The view from Wansfell Pike over Ambleside

Then finally it was a rather steep, but very pretty, climb back to Ambleside. It took around 5 hours overall and my Fitbit tracked around 9.5 miles.                                                                                                                                       

I hope you enjoyed this post about my weekend in the Lake District. What is your favourite walk in the Lakes? Have you been to any of these places? Let me know in the comments!

Hazel x


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