Alternative Berlin: Teufelsberg

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have realised that there are a lot of Berlin posts right now. I’m undertaking a travel writing internship at CTR, meaning that I’m living and working in the city for 2 months, checking out the best unusual things to do in the city! So here’s one of my favourite places from the first week, and, because it’s me, some odd stories;


Yes it is a tad phallic, and yes they play up to that.

On the recommendation of our workshop runner, we went to check out this man made mountain built from WW2 rubble. It was all piled on top of an old Nazi technical college, which was built so well it turned out to be indestructible. Once the highest point in Berlin, it’s up a pretty steep hill.
Tip: don’t walk up a very uneven rocky path and try to take photos. You will slip and land on your face.
Google maps sent us rather a baffling way from town and we ended up in a forest, with no signage except one with an owl on it. Perhaps a wild boar would have been more appropriate, seeing as they apparently wander the forest scaring tourists, according to Tripadvisor anyway. It was very pretty, even if we did make jokes about being murdered approximately every two minutes, especially as we could hear someone in the distance randomly playing the flute…
At the entrance, they welcome you to the complex and charge you 5 euros for the pleasure. You also have to sign an insurance waiver/declaration form, which makes more sense when you realise there are a lot of structurally unsound buildings.
The main tower is currently closed, with a ‘life danger’ sign. Given the fact there’s broken glass and rubble everywhere, which is apparently no issue, it must’ve been bad. Apparently hipsters are no match for health and safety regulations…
There’s a lot of art peppered around the paths, including disco balls, an old digger and amazing graffiti on every available surface.
People evidently live there in a sort of commune due to the caravans, tree houses and sheer amount of empty beer bottles everywhere.
There’s also a bar which had cold drinks and two lonely Bratwurst when we went. We got bottles of coke and sat on the deckchairs that’re all over the yard to enjoy the techno/60s ballroom music mixture, which was both amazingly odd and really fun.
All in all, it’s definitely worth going to, even if just for edgy street art insta pictures and hipster watching!
Have you been to Berlin/Teufelsberg? Did you like it? Let me know!
Hazel x

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